Performance Management Policy

On July 1, 2015 UW-Madison’s HR Design was launched. This initiated a host of new campus-wide personnel programs and policies that were developed to meet the needs of the university.

The performance management program encourages professional development, provides more opportunities to recognize and reward high quality work, and focuses on helping employees do their jobs better.

Currently, most campus units use varying performance management systems to coach, develop and evaluate their employees. Since every campus department is different, a flexible approach is necessary to meet individual needs. Office of Human Resources (OHR) has developed a new performance management policy and program with guidelines. This policy affects:

Human Resources will send out the 30-day notice to any manager/supervisor that has a new employee. We will include some of the information pre-filled out for the manager/supervisor (name, start date, and date due). For the Mid-Point and Summary (Annual) Evaluation, an email will be sent at the beginning of the month in which it is due (approximately May 1st and November 1st). Once the manager/supervisor and employee have both signed the evaluation, the completed form should be sent to Ruth Boynton, either through Inner Departmental mail (3170-10M MFCB) or email (

The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine has developed fillable PDF forms for your use for each of the various steps. If you prefer to handwrite these, you may download and print the PDF forms provided here.

Expectations and goal-setting: This evaluation should cover the major duties of a new hire’s position, work priorities, and how performance will be evaluated. While HR will send out a notice, this blank form is for your use if needed. This needs to be done within the first 30 days of a new employee’s start date. [Download Form]

Mid-point conversation: This evaluation should contain a feedback and coaching conversation; and must identify whether the employee is meeting expectations. This evaluation is for new employee’s probationary period (3 months for University Staff and 6 months for Academic Staff). These need to be completed midway through each year after that. These will be due November 30 of each year. [Download Form]

Summary evaluation: This evaluation should include whether the employee is meeting expectations, has the employee achieved annual goals, what professional development needs and opportunities are there for the employee, and are there options to develop additional skills and knowledge to enhance career growth. These will be due May 30 of each year. [Download Form]

Note: Once a new employee has passed their probationary period, the employee can be lumped in with any other evaluations you will be doing at the required times of year.

Along with the above forms, holding Informal conversations is required. Managers/supervisors should conduct regular informal conversations with all employees who report directly to them. These meetings should consist of coaching, feedback, and support to employees about their work, needs, and accomplishments related to the duties and expectations of their positions. These meetings do not need to have any documentation completed; but should be used as a tool to keep someone on track with annual goals, or to catch someone who may be slipping in their goals.

Here are a few informational pieces that you are welcome to review: