CMP Faculty Rotation Evaluation

(Write a brief summary of the project you worked on during your rotation including any techniques you learned.)
Evaluation of Rotation:
  1. Did the student meet your expectations in the following areas?
    1. Time spent in laboratory:
    2. Laboratory Technique:
    3. Scientific Method:
  2. Did the student ask thoughtful and interesting questions?
  3. Was the student courteous and respectful to others working in laboratory?
  4. In what areas did the student excel?
  5. In what areas could the student use the most improvement?
  6. If you will not be asking this student to join your lab, indicate why not. This information could be of help to the student in their next rotation.
    1. No space
    2. Lack of funding
    3. Already committed to another student
    4. Student's skill level is not a good fit for the lab
    5. Other reason (please explain)
  7. Other Comments: