CMP Student Rotation Evaluation

(Write a brief summary of the project you worked on during your rotation including any techniques you learned.)
Evaluation of Rotation:
  1. Which types of interactions did you have with the Rotation Sponsor? Check all that apply
    1. Weekly lab meetings with the entire lab,
    2. One-on-one meetings,
    3. Worked alongside the PI at the bench
    4. Rarely saw the PI
    5. Worked mainly with other lab personnel
  2. In what ways did you receive instruction regarding new techniques and protocols? Check all that apply
    1. People showed me the techniques
    2. I was handed a written protocol
    3. I was given a paper to read
    4. People worked along me as I did the procedure
    5. Other (please explain)
  3. What did you like about the laboratory environment?
  4. How did the research style of the Rotation Sponsor match yours?
  5. Were you satisfied with this rotation as a learning experience?
  6. Would you consider joining this lab?
  7. Other Comments: